About the Farm

Compostella Farm is an organic vegetable farm located in Picayune, Mississippi. Located an hour from the best city in the world, Compostella Farm is excited to be a part of the great culinary and cultural ruckus that our region embodies. 

Compostella Farm is owned and operated by Madeline Yoste, a native New Orleanian, and Timothy Robb, hailing from the space between Southern California, New York City, and bonny old England. 

In 2010, we had our first date at a cafe in Salem, Oregon. In 2015, after devoting our post-college years to apprenticing on organic farms in the Northwest, we packed up our car and drove south searching for the place that would become our farm. 

We are learning how to farm organically in the south through trial and error, though our foundation in sustainable agriculture comes from the generosity of many farm employers and mentors we have met along the way.  We would not be here without you.

We were certified organic from 2017-2018 but are currently taking a break as we move our farm. While organic methods of farming are all we have ever known, we have lately been adding Biodynamic agriculture methods to our repertoire. We strive to minimize the inputs to our farm and to nurture our farm's expression as an individuality.



What's in a name?

In 2011, we both had experiences as pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. This path, over 500 miles long and spanning the width of Spain, is part of an ancient route which networks across all of Europe and ends at the Cathedral of St. James in a town called Santiago de Compostela. While neither of use walked this path for religious reasons, the profound impact it had on our lives helped lead us to our current calling to be organic farmers. Walking the Camino provided us with a glimpse into a lifestyle in which achievements are brought about by physical labor and nature is your closest companion (whether friend or foe). Compostela means "field of stars," and thus our farm, Compostella Farm, is an expression of where we see our place in the universe. 


Some Friends