Summer Bounty

The following crops are available for a shorter part of our growing season and are generally grown by request. Please contact us for your summer needs!



We grow tomatoes for flavor. From small cherry tomatoes to specialty paste tomatoes, we want each tomato to leave an impression in your mouth. These summer jewels have a shorter time frame in our crop plans, but we greet tomato season with great eagerness each year. 


Oh what fun is the diversity of peppers. Nothing seems to thrive in our humid, tropical environment quite like the pepper. We love growing specialty peppers to order. Is there a pepper you'd like to find locally? Give us a shout!


Nothing beats the crisp crunch of a summer cucumber. We do our best to supply cucumbers from last to first frost. Gherkins a cucumber cousin, become a substitute when growing conditions become too harsh. Both are great for fresh eating or pickling.