Compostella Farm's roots come pre-washed, by the pound, and with all leafy greens removed.




One of the most foundational flavors in French cuisine, the carrot has earned its place in the French's holy trinity, or mirepoix.  Just as it captivated the taste buds of an entire cuisine, so did it earn its place in our crop plans.  One of our favorite crops to grow, Compostella Farm's carrots are fresh and flavorful with a most satisfying crunch.



Our beets taste like the dirt. There's no other way to describe the earthy delight of the humble beet. Bright red and packed with nutrients, beets deserve a place at the table. Replace old memories of where the beets used to come from, aluminum cans, with a fresh and sweet ingredient that reminds us of something we can't quite put our finger on... connecting us to the earth.