All of our Salad Greens are Certified Organic and TRIPLE WASHED


Compostella Farm's salad greens are harvested fresh to order twice weekly. All of our greens are triple washed and sorted to ensure that you receive the highest quality greens with the longest shelf life. Save on prep time in the kitchen and reduce food waste by buying fresh, local greens.



Lettuce Mix

Compostella Farm's lettuce mix is a lofty blend of six varieties of lettuce. This beautiful mix is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. Say goodbye to flat, limp salads and hello to fresh, springy lettuce inspiration. *Seasonal limitations apply*


Mustard Blend

Mustard blend, spring mix, mesclun... all of these terms are used to describe a seasonal mix of fresh baby greens. Our mix is comprised of some of the most visually interesting varieties of mustard greens. Unlike their more mature versions, these greens are meant to be eaten fresh, not cooked to oblivion. This mix's peppery flavor compliments other ingredients beautifully without ever stealing the show.


Arugula has become one of the most beloved, and versatile, specialty greens. From salads and pizzas to garnishes and sandwiches, arugula lends its zesty personality to help craft meals worth remembering. Originally a wild, Mediterranean green, arugula has been cultivated since Roman times for its delightfully bitter flavor and value as a nutritious food. 

And if that doesn't capture your heart, perhaps a line from Virgil's poem, Moretum, will: "arugula, which excites the wish for sexual delights..."


Kale Blend

Our kale blend is a mix of three varieties of baby kale. This mix provides great color and texture to any plate. Kale has become one of the most popular greens and we are happy to offer it in a baby salad blend.


Bring Restaurant Quality Home with You!

All of our salad greens are now certified organic and available in 5oz containers at Simone's Market and NOLA Food Coop. Bring home your local greens today!